Release Notes


New Features:

  • Blueprint: Application Metering - The allows to meter application-specific consumption metrics. !659
  • Blueprint: Manual Hooks - Allows defining and executing predefined procedures on accounts. !665
  • Blueprint: Get application users to hook, allows showing application internal users in the users' tab. !666
  • Kubernetes health: Kubernetes health detection now uses cluster health commands and shows Kubernetes internal services health !673
  • Show helm release name, and target cluster for deployed components. !677
  • Added Pods restart button. !676
  • Vendor Console Branding Customization: the vendor ops console now supports branding customizations, allows to set of custom logos, and titles. !680
  • Added account and infrastructure analytics !679
  • Added Billing settings and plans management !674
  • Added account subscription settings !670
  • Added application main entry point to the accounts list !691
  • Improved mechanisms for Celery scheduled tasks !686
  • Improved automated tests !675
  • Updated Hello World example !672

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Helm parameters now don't show account creator passwords !681
  • Fixed Cluster Status Detection Bug !684
  • Fixed account analytics calculation bug !687
  • Fixed DB migration indexes failure !688
  • Fixed errors in account metering URL !689


New Features:
  • Added support for BlueSnap billing provider !651
  • Cluster status detection and notification !657
  • Application Stacks full hooks support !618
  • Added force delete option for accounts when the app cluster is down !662
  • Added hooks status and Service LB status to application status indicator !664
  • Customer console now prevents login to suspended accounts !669
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed application status detection periodic task priority !663
  • Fixed redundant information from the account creation event !655
  • Fixed login screen react warnings !661
  • Fixed Kubeconfig upload button spinner !667
  • Fixed application status detection gets stuck on "Starting" on custom hook failure !668


Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed upgrade account bug prevents account upgrade !660
  • Fixed retrieval of clusters list if there are no clusters !658
  • Fixed endless email loop of email_notification_before_trial_ends !654


Bug FIx:
  • Fixed cluster status detection issue !656


New Features:
  • Added ability to create custom pages in the Self-Service Customer Console !648
  • Added optional Application Control Pane to the customer console !643
  • Added ability to set Blueprints as "Available" and not available !633
  • Added support to make Blueprint settings_descriptors optional !622
  • Added Kubernetes cluster status detection !637
  • Added Password complexity indicator !647
  • Added events for account approval in account events. !634
  • Added support to the backend to use MongoDB Replicasets !646
  • Added support to the backend to use MognoDB Connection String !652
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed 'Agree to terms' is now a checkbox !645
  • Fixed Password Reset notification !631
  • Fixed Agent Download source URL !642
  • Fixed Kubernetes API calls validate cluster availability !644
  • Fixed Update time formatting !632
  • Fixed Removed obsolete server configurations !636
  • Fixed redundant Stripe API calls !640 !641
  • Fixed verification for Scale-Down api calls !635
  • Fixed Typo in lauch_type tag !638
  • Fixed view of Dashboards with failed API calls !639
  • Fixed validation to Backend for MailGun API availability !649
  • Fixed application status check-raises error on disabled components !653


Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed plan price is shown on the customer console when billing is disabled !620
  • Fixed Kubernetes clusters view UX/UI !621
  • Fixed Blueprints list separation for Accounts and Stacks !623
  • Fixed Billing tab in account moved position !624
  • Fixed Redirect to app on login !628
  • Fixed Helm custom timeout settings !625
  • Fixed [Stacks] Display stack details !612
  • Fixed Start application on vendor console after account creation !626
  • Fixed Rest password with tenant ID. !629


New Features:
  • Added ability to enable manual account approval before launching the application of the account. !619
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Stacks upgrade process !611
  • Fixed Subscription card is shown when the account is ACTIVE !613


  • Fixed Scale down and scale up using API key !617
  • Fixed customer console label for account naming convention !616


New Features:
  • Settings screen can now become an optional step in customer console signup !615
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed dashboard PVC on empty volumes with AWS !610
  • Fixed Endpoints don't show details on customer console and vendor console !614


  • Fixed Paypal update subscription price


  • Fixed vendor console incorrect routing !608
  • Fixed customer console crashes !609


New Features:
  • Added hooks execution to create event messages !600
  • Added blueprint version as blueprint variable {{ account://application_version}} !603
  • Added support for Stripe and PayPal, Added customer console billing dashboard !447
  • Added billing pricing page !605
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed extra API calls in customer console dashboard which now loads dashboard 5X faster. !604


  • Fixed validate end user API !599
  • Fixed error messages UI !598
  • Fixed customer console redirect to signup settings !602
  • Fixed external links in customer console custom menus !601


  • Fixed start application from Vendor Console doesn't start. !588
  • Fixed complete signup form for end-users. !596
  • Fixed update first name last name rendering. !597


New Features:
  • Authentication based on Google Identity Platform !570
  • Extended endpoint information for accounts !581
  • Updated Octant to 0.16.3 !584
  • Customer custom signup information can now be used in webhooks and email templates !587
  • Added ?preventRedirect=true QueryString to the customer Console to actively prevent redirection into the application !593
  • Account creation now uses FirtName LastName instead of FullName !588
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixes new account error messages !582
  • Fixed email template defaults !583
  • Fixed customer console React.JS safly destruct objects !585
  • Fixed handle of long hook execution !580
  • Fixed end-user account creation email uses the wrong URL !589
  • Fixed Customer Console now redirects to entry point URL !591
  • Fixed UI crashes on automation "Add Header" button !594


Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed waiting for account creation clouds annimation !579


New Features:
  • Adding management for AWS EKS !533
  • Send custom email notification on version upgrade !556
  • Added ability to create Account-level notes !568
  • Added Application Stacks !537
  • Added message container splash screen clouds background !575
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed prevent upload of blueprint without semantic version !559
  • Fixed Email notifications now respect trial end date changes !560
  • Fixed Lock PyJWT to version 1.7.1 !572
  • Fixed button colors for vendor and customer consoles. !574
  • Fixed UI console errors !576
  • Fixed UI error handling for blueprint upload !577
  • Fixed flashing screen of initial load for the Kubernetes UI. !578
Internal Changes
  • Handle account creation via backend task instead of API !566
  • Celery tasks are now executed based on priority and include expiration !567
  • API timeouts are now configured via environment variables !573


Fix CI


Bug Fixes:
  • Fix upload blueprint URL in UI !561


Bug Fixes:
  • Adding missing tests manual execution. !558


New Features:

  • Tests results are shown per blueprint, it is now possible to run tests via UI. !544
  • Reorganize main menu. !550
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed instructions for creating a new blueprint in the Blueprints UI. !551
  • Fixed redundant error messages for applications in Running state. !552
  • Fixed member invitations automatic cleanup. !553
  • Fixed continuous account change to active. !557
  • Fixed dynamic parameters of non-existing components now show proper error messages in events. !555


New Features:
  • Variable Secrets that can be used in the blueprint !517
  • Update octant to 0.16.1 !526
  • Fixed DNS creation !546
  • Fix UX on Variable Secrets


  • Adding helm3 home for celery


New Features:
  • Support Helm3 !491
  • Cluster providers automatic tagging !539
  • Detailed error messages in app status dispaly !531
  • Update UX styling !542
  • Fix deletion of applications with Helm3 !541
  • Fix React.JS Linter issues !540


  • Fixed error await message when viewing shared components. !535


  • Freeze celery to version 4.4.7


Main Themes:
  • Application Status Detection
  • New Hooks
  • Azure Kubernetes Service management improvements
New Features:
  • UI: Vendor Console: Detailed application status !520
  • Keep track of app status after it started !509
  • Adding icon updates to app state details !524
  • Application live status detection !525
  • Add failure-threshold to the blueprint !532
  • Hooks: Add new hooks preupgrade, post_upgrade, delete !515
  • Azure: Add and remove node pools !518
  • Azure: Adding VM Size Labels !522
  • Azure: cluster node pool details UI part !530
  • Email notifications on app error status !513
Bug Fixes:
  • Resolve "Custom Menu breaks the customer console" !519
  • "Changing trial date should also change the accounts billing plan trial date" !516
  • Vendor Console > Account >App - shows all app objects twice!527
  • App state details view flickers with wrong account information !528


  • Added console logs for kubeconfig dumping
  • Octant embeded iframe is now 100%


New Features:
  • 513-blueprint-output-in-dry-run
  • 332-log-event-when-service-not-found
  • 515-custom-menu-items
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed run-tests name generation !501 #159 (closed)
  • Fixing auth URL to accept any subpaths
  • 514-fix-on_failure-property-of-hooks
  • 510-broken-blueprint-does-not-set-error-app-state
  • 517-skip-blueprint-error-on-customer-deletion
  • 520-fix-simple-line-icons-css-build


New Features:
  • Blueprint tests !496 #159
  • Blueprint dry-run mode !499 #159
  • Add Kubernetes Management(Octant) UI !498 #508 #483
  • Support "Textarea" as setting_descriptor !477 481
  • Helm_set is optional, setting_descriptor is optional !478 #330
  • Prevent Blueprint removal for live accounts !486 #161
  • Events now shown as YAML instead of JSON !493 #428
  • AKS: Azure Kubernetes Service(AKS) management, it is now possible to connect to existing AKS clusters, initialize helm, and !472 #473
  • AKS: It is now possible to create new AKS clusters from the JovianX UI. !484 #492
  • Hooks support environment variables !488 #498
  • Hooks support for service_account_name and namespaces !489 #499
  • Accept access_token as an alternative to Auth Bearer token !487 #497
  • Auto-sync octant Kubeconfigs with JovianX loaded Kubeconfigs #486
  • Support Kubernetes 1.16+ - Move to Kubernetes stable API Apps/V1 instead of AppsV1beta2Api!480 #487 !496 #505
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed account page when not settings_descriptors defined #512
  • Fixed run-tests name generation !501 #159
  • Fixed save target context/cluster on deploy-time, show app from saved context. !482 #488
  • Defined Kubernetes and Helm timeouts to 30 seconds !494 #509
  • Fixed access token via auth subpath !485 #496


Bug Fixes:
  • Validate Kubeconfig file on upload !459
  • Account deletion stuck in Terminating !460
  • Create an event on account status change !461
  • check_application_launch_status crashes on incorrect DNS configuration !462
  • Events should be able to handle events with binary data !464
  • Node utilization dashboard breaks when no metrics coming from Kubernetes API !466
  • Change Blacklist wording to Blocklist !475
New Features
  • Set endpoints by settings_descriptors !471


Blueprint: It now possible to set application endpoints via blueprint settings_descriptors
- name: ha
display: 'Enable High availability cluster'
description: 'This option will replicate your application across the world. It will drastically reduce latency'
input_type: checkbox
default: false
- name: true
- name: node-component
- key: ha0-manager
value: true
# added new directive `endpoins` under component setting_descriptors.
- name: 'application_web_interface'
service_name: node
type: main_entry_point
entry_point_url: 'http://{{ account://end_company }}'
label: 'application_web_interface'
port: 80
dns: '{{ account://end_company }}'


New Features:
  • Account status: Accounts can now easily change the account status from Trial, Active and Suspended. !441
  • Application scale-down: JovianX now allows manually scale-down and scale-up an account application. Application Scale-down updates the controller replicas to 0, and Scale-up returns the replica count to the state it was before scaling down. !442
  • Application controller status: Show Kubernetes application StatefullSets, Deployment, Jobs, and Replicasets. !431
  • Event Automation: Variables are now supported in the webhook URLs. !444
  • User Invite Blacklists: User invitations now respect the email blacklist. !454
  • Kubernetes Kubeconfig is now optional. !445
Bug fixes:
  • Better handling of Helm communication errors with Tiller. !446
  • Fixed accounts list sorting. !451
  • Fixed Plans page, settings prices for feature flags. !448
  • Fixed application readiness check. !452
  • Fixed trials date display. !453
  • Fixed Job completing check status. !455
  • Updated icons and UI titles. !456


Bug Fixes:

  • Resolve "Change application manifest(jovianx.yaml) to root from ./ in blueprint". !440 #423


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Added support for commas in helm parameter values. !439 #420
  • Fixed: Added an event that includes the generated helm release name to the account events. #387
  • Fixed: Added an event with an error message when starting an application with a non-existing context. #412
  • fixed: post_install is now part of the application "starting" phase. #405
  • Fixed: DNS wildcards are now not deleted on account deletion. #339
  • Refactoring of vendor and customer-company internal business logic. !438 #416


New Features:

  • Resolve "Upload multiple Kubeconfig files" !351
  • Resolve "Blueprint Linter" and add force_update !423
  • Resolve "Trigger Webhooks based on system events" !425
  • Improve plans view !426
  • Improved UX for the accounts list !427
  • Resolve "Vendor Console: Delete account confirmation show account name" !429
  • Resolve "Blueprint: choose component context" !437

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Error message on kubeconfig file load !436 #418 (closed)
  • Resolve "Accounts not switching to Running" Added reties for helm errors in App status check !424
  • Fix styles for Accounts page !428
  • Change title crash to error !433
  • Resolve "change kube_context_conf to kube_context" !434
  • Fix header field !435
  • Error message on kubeconfig file load !436



Fixes Update application fails if there's no admin_email and admin_password in the blueprint !422 #402



Updated Flask and Gunicorn to last versions !421 #401


Bug Fixes:

Fixed update application with dot('.') in the blueprint are not started successfully !419 #392
Fixed agent pull mechanism from external sources !420 #393


Bug Fixes:

Fixed automated email notification "X days after signup" reminder not sent !414 #386
Fixed application status not changing to 'running' when helm does not have a supported controller object(ie when the helm chart doesn't have any of the following objects: Deployment, StatefulSet, ReplicaSet, Service). !415 #389
Update accounts page to show 30 accounts in ascending order by creation time. !413 #385


Bug Fixes:

Fixed email notification BEFORE_TRIAL_ENDS - !408 #382
Log application status changes in the events. - !409 #372
Abandoned accounts (ie accounts that did not complete configurations and app was not started) redirect to complete account configuration page. - !406 #380
Fixed DNS records are not deleted when deleting account - !410 #384
Fixed bug in application Upgrade - !407 #381


New Features:
Blueprint: Shared Components are now naively supported. This allows creating and managing components that can be shared and accessed by all account components. To add a shared component, in the application manifest (jovianx.yaml) set the directive deploy_per: application in the component you would like to be shared. Example shared component:
- name: mongodb-component
version: 1.0.0
provider: helm_chart
helm_chart_name: mongodb-chart
deploy_per: application # <--------Shared componnet directive
- key: mongodbUsername
value: user
- key: mongodbDatabase
value: test_db
This allows managing the life-cycle of the component separately from individual account components. To manage the life-cycle of shared components, and review shared component status, go to Application > Share Components, this allows to start , stop and upgrade shared components. (!336 #274)
Email Notifications Cc and Bcc: Now you can add Cc and Bcc to all email notifications sent to accounts (!393 #368)
Blueprint Download: You can now download a blueprint archive from vendor Console !392 #204
Email notifications: Report email on errors. It is now possible to receive email notifications when errors occur on account creation. To configure email notifications go to Email Notifications > Send email after application started, on the bottom of the card setup Report errors to ( !387 #367)
Email Notification Events: An event is created on sending email notifications !402 #378
Helm retry Mechanism: When there helm communication errors occur there's a new retry mechanism that re-tries to execute the command when a re-execution can succeed. !399 #377

Bug Fixes:

Fixed save PayPal secret details - !389 #361
Fixed endpoints URL on Customer Console !398 #375
Added Limitation of number of vendors !403 #354


Bug Fixes:

Resolve UX small labels (!384 #363)


Bug Fixes:

Fix Agree to terms of use and Privacy Policy if configured (!382 #360 )
Fix "Customer Console progress bar design (!381 #359)
Fix app dashboard disappears when clicking on "App" top navigation tab"(!380 #358)


New Features:

Added pagination for Blueprints, Accounts, Upgrade button (!374 #335 )
Remove pricing when price is 0, add billing cycle indication(!375 #347)
UI and UX improvements in customer console hosted sign-up (!377 #352)(!378 #355)( !379 #356)

Bug Fixes:

Remove unused email var application urland fix broken source editor in Email Editor (!369 #327 #329)
Fix get Favicon/Custom CSS/CustomJS ( !376 #351)


Bug Fixes:

Fixed endpoints API which returns an error when one/more components don't have endpoints (!373 #342)


New Features:

Blueprint: Disable endpoints for disabled components: When a component is disabled, either as a part of component configuration by a `setting_descriptor`, all component's endpoints are disabled too. (!372 #337)
- name: component-name
enabled: false
- name: 'User application'
service_name: kubernetese-service-name.namespace
UX: New Plan form Plans Page: Create new plan page is now available as a separate page, accessible form the plans list page (!365 #318)
Customer Console Card: It is now possible to create your own application cards to the customer console. A new endpoint type: card is now available, which shows the content of the entry point URL as a card on the customer console (!337 #278)
- name: 'Application API'
service_name: node
port: 8008
path: /api
type: card # <---------------
dns: '*'
entry_point_url: 'http://{{ account://end_company }}'
Email Notifications: endpoint links and labels templates - You can now reference all your endpoint labels and URLs in the email notification template (!347 #288)
- name: my_cool_app
service_name: "{{ account://components/my_component/helm_release_name }}-my-k8s-serivce"
label: "My cool app" # <--------
port: 9090
path: /
type: main_entry_point
dns: '{{ account://end_company }}'
entry_point_url: 'https://{{ account://end_company }}'
UX: Embeddable account creation form iFrame does not show footer links to terms and conditions and and privacy policy (!370 #328)
UX: New icons on the global dashboard (!368 #326)
UX: New icons on account application dashboard (!371 #338)

Bug Fixes:

Fixed: Account status icons are not shown (!363 #319)
Fixed: Side navigation nested routes are misaligned !364 #322)
Fixed: app actions buttons alignment !366 #323)
Fixed: Customer Console redirect to application internal authentication is not redirecting into app (!367 #325)


NEW FEATURES: Blueprint: Immutable settings - It is now possible to create user defined settings(via settings_descriptors) that are immutable. This prevents the end user from being able to change settings that were selected on account creation. (!360 #283)
- name: some_feature
display: 'Enable this cool feature'
description: 'This option will enable this cool feature'
input_type: checkbox # immutable applies to any input type
immutable: true # <----------
Blueprint: endpoint labels - Allows defining labels to endpoints, the labels are presented in the customer console instead of endpoint URL (!342 #287)
- name: 'Application API'
service_name: node
port: 8008
path: /api
type: entry_point
entry_point_url: 'http://{{ account://end_company }}'
label: 'This Is My Cool App Endpoint' # <------------------------------------
Email Notification: Added {trial days left} and {trial days total} to all templates - When creating email templates it is now possible to show the trial time and how many days left in the trial (!346 #280)
Change trial end date for trial accounts - You can now change the trial end date for existing trial accounts (!352 #292)
Account application status dashboard shows Kubernetes objects status (!359 #308)
UX: Email preview variables are unified with variables preview (!354 #314)
UX: Show confirmation for save action (!344 #293)
UX: Settings in side menu are split into separate pages (!348 #296 #297)
UX: Plans in side menu are split into separate pages for plans list and create a new plan page (!361 #313)
UI: Login page support for smaller screens (!356 #311)
UX: Align title styles and sizes (!355 #312)
BUGFIXES: Sporadic delays in async and scheduled tasks execution(!349 #303)
Agent bootstrap-config link is not created correctly(!353 #305)
Font sizes remain same on UI ReactsJS build(!362 #317 #320)
Email notification doesn't use correctly environment variable "{ username }" (!350 #304)
Application Entry points table is now shown correctly(!357 #309)
Remove redundant button "Open Customer Console" from account page (!358 #310)


New Features:

Blueprint: ability to enable and disable components by settings descriptors - This allows adding and removing helm charts based on used selected settings. For example deploy additional software components when the user selects to enable additional features. (!326 #264)
- name: kafka
version: 1.0.0
provider: helm_chart
helm_chart_name: kafka
enabled: false # <-- Kafka is *not* installed by default
- name: select_use_case
input_type: select
- name: install_kafka
display: "Enable Kafka by this selection"
- name: kafka
enabled: true # <-- enable Kafka if users selects option
Blueprint: Checkbox with single option action - This allows defining checkbox in setting descriptors with actions only when enabled, or only when disabled (!330 #217)
- name: VPNTunnel
display: 'Enable VPN tunnel'
description: 'Setup cennection to your app via VPN tunnel'
input_type: checkbox
default: true
- name: true # <-- helm_set used only when true, no action when false
- name: node-component
- key: enable_vpn
value: true
Blueprint: Design entry_point_url when DNS uses wildcards - When using wildcards in DNS names and Kubernetes Ingress, it is now possible to define the entrypoint URL template for the endpoint. (!331 #276)
- name: 'User application'
service_name: ingress.ingress-namespace
port: 80
path: /app
type: entry_point
dns: '*' # <-- DNS Wildcard
entry_point_url: 'https://{{ account://end_company }}' # <-- Optional, If found, use this URL
Blueprint: Disabled radio and Disabled Select - It is now possible to defined disabled select and radio options in setting descriptors, this is useful for showing features that are not yet available or presenting featured that were deprecated. (!338 #289)
- name: cloudProvider
display: 'Cloud Provider'
description: 'You can select amoung three leaders of cloud infrastructure'
input_type: radio
default: azure
description_title: 'Choose your provider'
- name: do
enabled: false # <-- Disabled radio option
display: 'Digital Ocean'
- name: support
display: 'Support package'
input_type: select