The main dashboard provides accounts overview information for all the managed accounts, and overview of the consumed cloud infrastructure resources.


The accounts section includes account metrics metrics.

TOTAL - The total number of accounts managed by JovianX.

ACTIVE - Accounts with Active subscription.

TRIAL - accounts that are in Trail period.

SUSPENDED - Suspended accounts are accounts that did not activate the account after trial period, or account did not renew payment subscription, or accounts that were suspended manually.


The infrastructure section shows metrics of managed cloud resources.

NODES - Total number of Kubernetes nodes across all connected clusters.

PODS - Total number of managed Pods across all Namespaces/Clusters.

SERVICES - Total number of Kubernetes services across all Namespaces/Clusters.

VOLUMES - Total number of Kubernetes volumes across all Namespaces/Clusters.

STORAGE - Total amount of storage used by all managed accounts.

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