Kubernetes Cluster System Components


JovianX manages Kubernetes clusters
Container Logging | Elastic + FluentD
Monitoring | Prometheus + Grafana
Cluster Access Gateway | Ambassador + Cert-Manager

Installing Ambassador Gateway

# Create the jovianX-system namespace
$ kubectl create namespace jovianx-system
# Add Ambassador Helm Repo
$ helm repo add datawire
# Install Ambassador in the JovianX-System namespace
$ helm install --name ambassador --namespace jovianx-system datawire/ambassador --set nodeSelector\\.eks\\.amazonaws\\.com/nodegroup=gigaspaces-nodepool-system
Note: Configure nodeSelector to run Ambassador on the jovianx-system node pool. Note that node selector has
To view current labels on the nodes run $ kubectl get nodes --show-labels . then
Note that nodeSelector has to escape dot(. )char.